4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Learn about the Digital Marketing trends that promise to dominate this 2023 and apply them to your strategies to improve your results.

If you love the world of marketing, you know that being updated is essential. For this reason, we want to share with you some digital marketing trends that are looking for this 2023. Take note!

  1. Digital interaction

The stimulation for your users is very valuable and it is a trend that you will need to incorporate in the coming years. Adding interactive elements like quizzes, polls, games, and calculators to your content will help you capture attention and engage people on a deeper level.

Gamification uses game - like elements to attract and entertain the public, whether in education or e-commerce, it allows you to increase your presence and reach new audiences. Sephora, for example, uses gamification to promote its rewards program, engaging customers with fun challenges and rewarding them with makeup, discounts, and more.

By 2025, it is predicted that 95% of interactions will be through artificial intelligence (AI) such as chatbots. So if you don't have automated interaction yet, this is the message you needed. Chatbots will help you increase people engagement and drive sales.

  1. Podcast

With more than 2.4 million podcasts in the world, this format, which dominated during the pandemic, is here to stay and continue to strengthen its listeners in 2023.

A podcast works very well for specific niches, it is also a space where digital and offline channels are strengthened.

Brands have great possibilities of positioning themselves as a benchmark in their sector through this medium, in addition to the fact that it represents more accessibility to users, since unlike other channels, the podcast does not require the concentration of a screen.

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  1. Livestream and Video

2022 proved the value of video. Brands should continue to invest heavily in YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to use their power to drive more consumer engagement in 2023.

Video continues to be an increasingly popular medium for storytelling. Live broadcasts allow brands to build closer relationships with their audiences and foster greater trust, so livestreams are an opportunity to connect more deeply.

According to HubSpot's 2023 Marketing Strategy and Trends Report, all short video formats will continue to rise. YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok are tools to be part of the game of virality.

Video has the highest ROI of any media format, followed by images, blog posts, and podcasts or other audio content. Also check descargar videos de pinterest

  1. Analytics 4

Universal Analytics disappears in 2023 and web analytics lovers know that it is time to learn and learn in detail about the optimization of this Google measurement system.

Universal Analytics has always included the analysis of pages, events, electronic commerce and social interaction of the user's web, that is, it is based on sessions and page views. While the main novelty of Analytics 4 is that it focuses on events, so any interaction becomes one of them for this tool. Have you prepared for this change yet?

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This 2023 you will have to keep experimenting. Remember that in digital marketing the best method is to test, collect information, understand the data and improve according to what is obtained. Do not be afraid to create more and more A/B testing and be encouraged to try new horizons according to your target audiences.

Do not forget that being updated is vital to continue growing. Find out about the news and the best content on digital marketing through our blog and our Instagram. You can also subscribe to our newsletter where you can find out about the latest news from the digital world.